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# 58 | my body asking your body questions

10. – 17. November 2017 – studies
17. – 19. November 2017 - festival

In cooperation with PAO - Performance Art Oslo and KiHO - Oslo National Academy of the Arts / Oslo, Norway

With BBB Johannes Deimling and guest teacher Weronika M. Lewandowska

CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - Closing date for applications 22. October 2017

my body asking your body questions

After PAS #42 in 2015 and PAS #50 in 2016 we will continue the fruitful cooperation and artistic dialogue with PAO – Performance Art Oslo with PAS #58 | ‘my body asking your body questions’.

The title for PAS #58 ‘My body asking your body questions’ is a quote by Helena Goldwater made for the Venice Performance Art Week in 2012. For us it describes the notion of direct communication without technology, social media, spoken or written words and furthermore image based visual communication. It might be something which is happening in between the regular ways of daily communication, located within our bodies, presence and/or existence.

When Twitter for example becomes a distanced tool for political statements and replaces the direct speech and contact we face the challenges of our times. The chances of modern communication seems to be the threads of tomorrows societies. It is evident that we are unable to grasp, digest and react on all the information which are accessible and this will increase with growth of the world population.

We don’t want to state the good or the bad of this process. We are interested in seeking different models of transfer by using performance art practice and theories as a starting point. Are there performance strategies which would be suitable to create a different kind of communication, transfer or contact? How performance art is using the in between and are there specific channels which we can use more conscious? And if, how we are able to make them visible and strong as an alternative?

The quote from Helena Goldwater will give us a direction to think, work and fail. The research will guide us to the intersections of questions and answers, since this might generate a vivid process of research. Maybe we will find nothing there, but we will underline the quote by asking our bodies questions.

about PAO – Performance Art Oslo

Performance Art Oslo (PAO) is an artist-run initiative established in December 2012. PAO is a member organization for visual artists working within the field of performance art that live in Oslo, Norway.
The organization aims to create a network and opportunities for performance artists through organizing seminars, workshops and international exchanges as well as creating an annual, international performance art festival, the PAO Festival- the first of its kind in Oslo.
In addition to working locally, we collaborate with other national and international organizations and groups who work within the field.
We wish to promote performance art and support the artists and their work.

PAS Performance Art Studies - offer

==> To develop a Performance Art piece with 8 days of technical, pedagogical and artistic guidance
==> To investigate and work with a variety of performative exercises, experiments, games and assignments in various conditions both in and outdoors with a specific focus on: space, body, time, material, concentration. Work will be made in groups and individually.
==> A final public presentation of the performances as part of the PAO festival
==> Video and photo documentation of the final presentation completed by the PAS photographer
==> Publication of the Documentation on PAS website and other Performance Art related websites
==> Contacts with artists, curators and art institutions in Oslo as well with the invited artists for the PAO festival
==> Meeting and collaborating with other like-minded people from other countries
==> Encounters, lectures and discussions with invited artists
==> Context of the place, history and culture

==> The studies are ideal for art students, young artists and all other people who are interested in Performance Art. The range of ages in the past was from 13 to 72 and the level of experience is not a criterion for you to participate in PAS studies. The group is usually composed of international artists coming from different backgrounds and different parts of the world.
==> PAS studies takes place with at least 8 participants.


9. November 2017 arrival (without official meeting)
10. – 17. November 2017: practical studies and researches
17. November 2017: final presentation as part of the opening of PAO Festival
18. November 2016: reflection and possible departure day, if not attending the festival (departure at earliest at 4pm)
17. -19. November 2017: PAO Festival

Our program is never planned in advance with exact steps. We adjust it to the group dynamics, challenges of an individual and needs that pop up. Observing the process is the key to achieve high quality of teaching enriched by our experience and ever - expanding great collection of tasks.

==> Teaching language is English


==> Closing date for applications 22. October 2017
==> Send your application (CV and work examples) to pas@bbbjohannesdeimling.de
==> read more about the application process here


==> Price: € 350
==> PAO member price € 170
==> Price does not include travel and accommodation costs

be part of PAS and join the studies!